Joshua Dornbusch


Josh grew up in the ag world in rural Howard, South Dakota. He worked with enough livestock and row crops to have the work ethic that goes beyond an eight hour day.  He has a passion for people to help them grow their professional careers and businesses, regardless of the industry. He is driven to source those hard to find employees as much as the perfect position for them.  Josh started Vital Hires with his experience from working independently up to being an integral part of the leadership team of over 200 employees.  His desire to do the right thing for a candidate that is looking for the next step in their career as well as a company needing a specific employee to grow, what makes him the best headhunter/recruiter in the business.  He really digs into the conversations with each company and candidate to make sure and find the details that help them land the ideal person or position that they are looking for, or help them appreciate the position/people they already have as the grass isn’t always greener.  He strives to find and give honest answers and solutions because helping people find what is best for them is what is most important.


Nate Hall


Nate is a hard working relationship builder.  His experience spans from hard labor, leadership, and a genuine interest and love for people.  Nate knows what it takes to operate machinery, hit deadlines, as well as make sales and land big projects.  He is a giant asset and partner to Vital Hires.  One of the biggest factors to his success is that he asks the right questions to help people and companies find what they are looking for.  Most people state they aren’t afraid to “go the extra mile” but Nate starts there and goes beyond.  His network continues to grow with great people who are looking to get to their next attainable professional level and plan beyond.  You can hear his passion in each one of his conversations, and if he has the ability to help, you can bet you will be in the great hands and treated like family.
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